Word Millionaire Club
This year all Remington students are challenged to become members of the Remington Word Millionaire Club by trying to read a million words. 3-5 graders will read books at home and at school and take reading counts quizzes to determine their word count. K-2 graders will read and be read to at home and at school and fill out reading logs. Reading logs must be signed by an adult and turned in to a classroom teacher.

Here is a chart showing the different levels of the Word Millionaire Club.

Remington Word Millionaire Club 
Level 8  1,000,000 words  64 reading logs 
Level 7  500,000 words  32 reading logs 
Level 6  250,000 words  16 reading logs 
Level 5  100,000 words  8 reading logs 
Level 4  50,000 words  4 reading logs 
Level 3  25,000 words  2 reading logs 
Level 2  10,000 words  1 reading log 
Level 1  5,000 words   

K-2 Students

  • Read, or be read to, outside of school at least 20 minutes each night
  • Write down what you read, the number of minutes and the date on your reading log
  • Each line on your reading log is for a separate day
  • Have your reading log checked and signed by an adult
  • Turn your reading logs in to your teacher 


  • Read aloud to your pre-reading children at least 20 minutes each night
  • Record the reading on their reading log
  • Set aside a time and place for your older children to read and help them keep track of their reading time
  • When their reading log is full, check over it, sign it and return it to school
  • Help your children keep track of and return books borrowed from the library
  • Visit the school library to check out additional books for your family to read together

3-5 Students

  • Read as many books as you can at home and at school.
  • You can read books from the school library, the classroom, the public library or home.
  • Take Reading Counts quizzes on the books that have them.
  • Use the Book Expert link below to see if the book you are reading has a quiz.
  • As you pass quizzes, watch your word count go up.
  • The more you read the better you will read.
  • If you read at home to younger brothers and sisters, you can take a quiz on that book too and they can write it on their reading log.  If you ask the library staff, you will be able to check out an extra book to read to younger siblings.

Gotta Keep
 Reading video 

Watch this to get excited about reading.

Look on this page to see how many books it takes to read a million words. 
Click here to take a reading counts quiz on a book you have just read.  This link only works from school.

 Look here to see if the book you are reading has a reading count quiz.  This link works at home and school.
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